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About Us

Luma Designs provides fabric draping, staging, furniture, specialty lighting and much, much more for Life's celebrations and special occasions.

With over two decades of experience, our team has produced events of all size and scope. We specialize in creating unique and memorable weddings, engaging corporate affairs and amazing social functions.

We can't wait to talk with you about your upcoming event! Click on our "Contact Us" tab or find us on FaceBook for more information!


  • The Pink Bride
    11 January 2015
    Come see us at the upcoming Pink Bridal Show!

    Luma Designs will be at the Knoxville Convention Center for the Pink Bridal Show on Sunday, January 11th. Come by our booth to meet our staff and say "hi." We will be on hand to answer questions and discuss your upcoming plans! Schedule a design consultation and receive a FREE Gift!

  • Wall Draping

    Wall Draping
    Luma Designs can install floor to ceiling wall draping in most any venue. We have custom sewn drapes in white, ivory, black, blue, silver, red, orange and chocolate with more colors added all of the time! We also can create "bling" walls with crystal beading, "twinkle" light walls and LED sparkle curtains for your event space.
  • Ceiling Drapes

    Ceiling Drapes
    Custom made ceiling drape panels are available to transform most any space. We have several styles and lengths of fabric to suit most applications. All of our drapery is fire retardant and designed for special event use. Twinkle lights, bistro strand lighting and custom chandeliers can be combined with ceiling drapes.
  • Bistro Strand Lighting

    Strand Lighting
    Commercial bistro lighting is available to be installed in ceilings and tents. We can also erect structures and support systems to suspend stand lighting over patios, lawns, pools, etc.
  • Japanese Lanterns

    Japanese Lanterns
    Japanese lanterns may be hung in clusters or used in conjunction with our bistro/strand lighting. We have nylon lanterns in sizes ranging from medium to HUGE. Most every color is available.
  • Incandescent Uplighting

    Uplighting is lighting placed on the floor or ground and focused upward. Uplighting is mainly used to highlight walls or drapery, columns, trees and other vertical structures. The number of fixtures used in a design, along with the light's beam angle, determines the overall effect. Uplighting is a simple and inexpensive way to transform a space. Incandescent uplighting uses traditional filament lamps and optional color filters to create light. Each light fixture in a design can be "no-color" or any single color.
  • LED Uplighting

    LED Uplighting uses fixtures with LED light engines instead of traditional filament lamps. LED uplights don't produce noticable heat and use far less electricity than traditional lights, thus being safer and more eco-friendly. LEDs can also be programmed to virtually any color and can change colors throughout an event.
  • GOBO Projections

    A monogram, single initial or basically any message or graphic can be turned into a GOBO (which most say means "go between" --referring to going between the lens and the lamp of a light). These GOBOs can be projected on floors, walls, ceilings, etc., to personalize your event. A GOBO is not a BOGO, but we may have a BOGO on GOBOs, who knows? Stay tuned...
  • Highlighting

    Still one of the most popular event lighting trends is highlighting wedding cakes, buffets, large floral arrangements, etc. We accomplish these tasks with a variety of lighting fixtures and rigging methods, based on the items being lit and the event venue.
  • Pinspotting

    Pinspotting is a term you may see in bridal magazines or read about in blogs. Pinspotting is a great effect, taking tightly focused light and projecting it (usually downward) at a table centerpiece or other item of interest to highlight it. We accomplish this task with lights called "pinspots" (of course!) and various rigging methods depending on the event venue.
  • Underlighting

    Underlighting is a technique where we light a table from underneath. We have special LED and incandescent lights designed for this task, including battery operated, "wireless" LED units. We can underlight most any table--food stations, head tables, dinner tables, cocktail tables, etc..
  • Custom Structures

    Custom structures can be created from aluminum trussing and piping and then draped with fabric and or florals for dramatic visual imapact. We have build structures over dance floors, lawns, pools, beaches, in airplane hangars, gymnasiums, schools, churches and ballrooms. We love the challenge and fun of creating something new and exciting for our clients!
  • Stretch Fabrics

    In addition to our drapery, Luma Designs also has an inventory of specialty stretch fabrics. Several geometic shapes like circles, triangles, rectangles, etc. can be used in conjunction with a custom structure design to create tunnels, rooms, projection surfaces, stage backdrops, etc.. We have 12FT tall columns, 8FT wide circles, and 4FT wide stars (to name a few), with more items being added all of the time!
  • Tent Fabric and Lighting

    We thought it would be important to mention "tents" on our list of services, since many of our special events happen in tents or include tents in their designs. The Luma team has developed several methods of rigging in tents, so most any service we offer can be installed in, on, or underneath a tent. We don't install traditional tent liners, as most tent providers offer those, but we do install fabric draping around tent poles and inside tents. If you're having a tent event, give us a call!
  • More

    Since all of our work is customized to you and your event space, there are literally too many options to display in a list like this. Hopefully the descriptions above and the images in our gallery pages will help spark some ideas of the fabulous things Luma Designs can do for you at your next upcoming celebration! Contact us today for more specific information.

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Your event is unique and therefore we tailor our services specifically to your needs.

Please let us know a little about yourself and the event you are planning. We will get back with you as soon as possible with more information, questions and a sincere desire to help you create your vision, deliver your message or celebrate your occasion!



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